Library Release 13 - March 2021 (Dynamic Work Instructions, LIFX, ERP Connector (SAP S/4 HANA))

We’re excited to announce the 13th release of the Tulip Library!

The Library is a set of apps that can be added to your account and used out of the box. Each App comes with an installation guide and a video describing how the App works and what it can be used for.

If there’s an App in this list that you’d like to use, click on the App’s link below and install it to your account today!

Release 13

Dynamic Work Instructions Builder (Video) :

Dynamic Work Instructions Builder app provides you a framework for creating digital, interactive work instructions. Set up step-by-step tasks and operating procedures.

This app works with the Dynamic Work Instructions app.

Try the Dynamic Work Instructions Builder app here.

Dynamic Work Instructions App (Video) :

The Dynamic Work Instructions app is a workflow app that guides end-users through their daily tasks. Load media-rich instructions based on Job, Product, Procedure, or Routing.

This app works with the Dynamic Work Instruction Builder app.

Try the Dynamic Work Instructions app here.

LIFX Unit Test (Video) :

The LIFX Unit Test app demonstrates how to quickly turn LIFX lights into Andon Light services through connectors and API.

Try the LIFX Unit Test app here.

SAP S4 HANA Cloud Unit Test (Video) :

The SAP S4 HANA Connector allows you to pull and view all transactions from an external ERP and directly make updates through the app.

Try the SAP S/4 HANA Cloud Unit Test app here.

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Nice to see SAP integration in library! Maybe standard connectors/functions in the future? (ie Zapier)


I’d like to test SAP S4 HANA Cloud unit test app, but we still used SAP R3 instead of SAP S4 HANA.

@youri.regnaud - Absolutely! We will be looking into standard middleware/platforms in the future :slight_smile:
Curious to know what are you thinking on the lines of Zapier? A standard Tulip<>Zapier integration?

@mcc6025 - Feel free to download the SAP S4 HANA Cloud Unit Test from the link & start testing with the out of box endpoints available in the SAP S4 Hana Connector for Tulip.
You would only need to generate an API key on SAP S4 HANA Cloud after creating a free account.
SAP API Business hub has very good documentation that covers a wide range of business use-cases.

With regards to SAP R3, depending on your specific use-case for Tulip<>SAP, you can leverage out of the box Odata web-services available in SAP or look into different middleware platforms that can make the data available in a form that is consumable by Tulip from SAP.

Let us know what your plans are :slight_smile:


Interesting topic. When I talk about Zapier, the idea is more to have in Tulip already preconfigured “connectors”, for example ERP (SAP, Netsuite, …) Collaboration (Teams, Slack, …) Serie database (InfluxDB, ) NoCode DB (Airtable, …) Another way as all this solution providen OpenAPI specification is to create a “function wizard builder” that help to build Tulip function based on OpenAPI specifications