Life Sciences User Advisory Community Request!

As we immerse ourselves in the captivating world of life Tulip we noted a big gap in the :lab_coat: Life Sciences (Biopharma/Manufacturing or Pharma) community, we’re excited to propose the formation of a User Advisory Committee (UAC) group tailored specifically for Life Sciences!

Here’s why we believe this endeavor is essential and how it can benefit us all:

  1. In-depth Feedback and Collaboration: By establishing a UAC group specifically for Life Sciences, we create a dedicated platform for gathering insights, suggestions, and feedback directly from the passionate individuals within our team and the other groups exploring and developing with Tulip. This feedback loop not only fosters collaboration but also ensures that the tools, features, and resources we develop align closely with the needs and aspirations of our life sciences community!

  2. Enhanced Product Development: The field of life sciences is dynamic and ever-evolving, requiring tools and solutions that keep pace with the latest advancements. Through active participation in the UAC group, team members can contribute valuable perspectives and ideas for enhancing existing features or developing new ones that cater specifically to the nuances of life sciences research and exploration!

  3. Community Empowerment and Ownership: By actively involving the Life Sciences individuals in the decision-making processes through the UAC group, we empower each member to take ownership of the tools and resources we’re building together. This sense of ownership fosters a deeper connection to our work, strengthens team cohesion, and ultimately leads to the creation of solutions that truly resonate with our community.

As we embark on this journey together, let’s leverage the collective expertise, passion, and creativity to shape the future of life sciences/pharma :dna: exploration through Tulip.

If you’re enthusiastic about contributing to this initiative and shaping the direction of where Tulip is going comment below and tag your friends!


@Beth & @Austin would love :white_heart: to hear Y’alls thoughts on this!

Great idea. What format is used for the UAC? Do you plan to schedule separate meetings where the interested parties convene?


Very good idea! Count me in.


Love the idea, Zoe! This is definitely something Tulip Community can work on getting set up as a user group to provide more support, along with opportunity for peer to peer learning and connection among LS Tulip users.

I will reach out to you, @ASharp-J, and @kefl to get insights into what you all would find valuable in terms of group structure, meeting topics, etc.

Initial thoughts are that a group like this would meet virtually on a regular cadence (quarterly for example) and we would cover topics from Tulip features / product feedback, successful use cases from peers using Tulip, best practices for deploying in regulated environments, etc.

Anyone else interested, feel free to chime in with your ideas as well!


This is great! I’m hoping this become a place not just around product but about deploy/adopt strategy.


Very good initiative. Happy to share thoughts and experience from Bow&Stern. Please count me in.


Nice initiative, please count me in


We’re just starting on our Tulip journey but I would love to participate!

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Love it! Count me in.

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Hi folks! @ZAP @ASharp-J @kefl @michaelrcody @gil @Ilan @ctownkyle @william.miller

I would love to talk to each of you a bit more about what you would like this group to look like / how it can provide you the most value.

You can set up a time that works for you on my calendar here: Calendly - Beth Stayduhar.

Looking forward to talking about this more so we can get this going :slight_smile:

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Great idea, would be helpful to have a forum like this. Please count us in