Limiting access to Connectors

Is there a way to limit access to connectors even for roles that have Account owner privileges?

Right now I have to give Account owner access to facilities to add operators at there discretion but it leaves a worm hole for someone to edit connectors even if they shouldn’t be able to.

It could be that I’m just not up to speed on all the additions to Tulip over the past year but any help would be appreciated!

Hello @DewyWCI ,
As of now, there is no way to control access to connectors.

One approach that you could take is to edit the App permissions. This will secure any connectors being changed/modified within the app, however there will still be a risk of a user deleting the connector.

One solution here would be to add similar permission control to connectors which would limit users having access to open/edit/modify connectors.

Another solution here could be to have a customizable role based access where account owners could create a new user role themselves that would not have access to connectors but allows to invite new users/operators.

Do you think these solutions would help you?

Once again, these are possible solutions to this issue. It will be great if you could request for this feature on the Product Suggestions page and let us know if you have any other potential solutions in mind.

Thank you,


These would certainly help out!
I don’t know how effective the first solution would be unless you could keep other account owners from changing the permissions.
I do like the second option. That would make it possible to move personnel from being account owners to other roles that wouldn’t have access to the connectors but still be able to add users without my intervention. I suspect this would have to be added to Tulip in another release?
I will make a request in product suggestions though regardless. Thanks!

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