Limiting Connector access

Is there anything in the works for adding solutions like being able to add users without being an account owner? It would be nice if the only people with access to connectors would be an account owner or connector supervisor. Right now I have to have personnel at our other facilities be account owners to add users (assemblers).

Make an app that can add operators :slight_smile:

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Hello @DewyWCI ,
Currently, you could leverage the Tulip API to develop an app to add Operators as @mellerbeck mentioned above. If you go to your-instance/apidocs and scroll down to the /users, you could use this API end point to create operator roles using an app and you could give permission to specific users to run this app.

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Thanks for replying @Het, and @mellerbeck.
I’ve been wanting to get the table API setup and working for the CPK app and now I have even more reason to get it working! :slight_smile: Thanks!!

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