Lock a checkbox?

Hi there,
is it possible to lock a checkbox for changing the value?
I have a test protocol for 2 test runs and the input from the first test run should not be able to modify during the second test run.
Or is it a workaround?

Regards Chris

hey @ChrisF,

there are certainly several ways this can be implemented depending on the structure of your app. the two simplest solutions are:

  1. make a new step for the 2nd test and overlay a transparent box over the Checkbox as to prevent the user from manipulating the Checkbox
  2. increment a Number variable after the first test to 2, and store the value you’d like stored in the Checkbox prior to completing the app (or storing to a Table Record). for example:

would either of these solutions work??

this sounds like a great use case to review in Office Hours, are you available Thursday at 10AM EU time to discuss this?? let me know and I can add you to the invite!!


Ah, that could work.
I will play with this option and reply.

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1st solution works only when i use the overlay manually, because the overlay is on the top of the widgets and i can not move it in the background. So i can not use the APP for 2 tester by checking the tester.
The second is not clear for me, so i have to think about this in a quit moment.


hello @ChrisF,

just to confirm, are you aware of Layers in Tulip?? that is, widgets can be moved Forward and Back using the Layer options, more info: https://support.tulip.co/en/articles/2186385-intro-to-the-tulip-app-builder. example:

yes, but i can do it only inside the app builder not inside a trigger (?).

REgards Chris

@ChrisF, you can also drag and drop Triggers on a Button (or any other Trigger) to re-arrange the order in which they happen.

are you attempting to change the order in which Triggers occur??

the trigger is not the problem.
My idea was to change the position of a layer by code or to lock a checkbox like
checkbox1.disable=true (disable the possibility to change the value).

Please take it as a request: lockable widgets (input fields, checkboxes) by code

Regards Chris

Hey @ChrisF, I am a product manager at Tulip! I think we are going to solve this by allowing you to create triggers that fire when checkboxes are pressed.

That way, you could create a boolean and only allow the checkbox to be updated if the boolean had a certain value.

Does that sound like it would solve it?

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Hi Kevin,
i think that is a good way - thanks :slight_smile:

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