Logic When an App is Re-Opened

Am I correct in understanding that there is no way to fire a trigger when a user re-opens an app on an offline station? Stations can be offline for days and when a user logs back in it will bring them exactly to where they were? None of these triggers will fire, correct?


If there is no way to do this, I can explain a bit more why it would be useful. Frequently applications utilize timer triggers to control events. EG after [period of time], force the user back to the homepage. However, this trigger will never fire while the station is offline, and if the user opens the app after > [period of time] then nothing will happen. It would be very useful to check with a trigger if time constraints need to be fired when the user “gets back”.

I know there are related requests for when a user logs out or in. This falls into a similar bucket, except that I believe signing out does not necessarily move a station to offline.