Long Running Applications Decay

Hello Everyone

I have an application which is set up to run 24/7 and fire triggers every 30 seconds in order to manipulate table data for dashboarding purposes. This is obviously quite a bit of processing, but the interesting thing is that the app has no performance issues when it is first started. However, as the application runs for a few days, it starts to get slower and slower. I have added logic to “Complete” the app every few hours but this does not seem to help. The only thing that helps is a computer restart or maybe closing and opening the Tulip player.

There are no internet issues and the computer is relatively modern.

Has anyone else run into these issues? At this point it seems like the only solution would have to be Windows/IT related OR I am considering running the station on a virtual machine where I can define restart settings.

@danielpomeranz I have a dummy app that creates a record every 5 minutes and I do not see any performance issues long-term. It is running on a virtual machine using shells.com. It runs for weeks at a time so maybe it’s the short interval that is driving your performance issues?

We’ve noticed that our main production app can become sluggish after maybe 16 hours, but is definitely present after 2-3 days of running. Ultimately, we decided to implement a Timer trigger (runs once an hour) that cancels the app then logs out the user, that occurs at 1am. Unsure if this improves app performance (at the very least it ensures the operator is signing into their id each day).

We also display the time elapsed in app in a corner, so that the operator has a idea of if the station should be manually restarted (close and reopen Tulip Player).

We’re not using any other timers, so am unsure if the issue you’re facing is solely due to short timer intervals. Keen to hear more on the subject.