Red Reconnecting Bar

For a bit of background, we’ve created an application that inspects parts before they’re shipped. Operator enters values, and then will submit them to the table. An operator running the application runs it very quickly; approximately 1 submission every 10 seconds and in production there are 6 stations running the application.

All 6 stations in producton have been experiencing a red “Reconnecting…” bar at the bottom of their screens. More often its at the beginning of the shift, but yesterday it was occuring all throughout the day. I myself have been expierencing this problem and we’ve been having a lot of internet issues in the office. Could that be the issue in production?

Lastly, recently while I am working on apps in the editor, I will get logged out of Tulip fully. I then log back in and 10-15 minutes later I’ll get logged out agian. This is new, probably started on Monday.

Thank you for you help

hello @txh3467, thanks for posting.

I have shared this with the Engineering team here at Tulip; however, there isn’t anything immediately apparent on our end that could be causing this.

can you navigate to: https://{{instance_name}} and share the screenshot and JSON results (feel free to direct message if you’d prefer)??