M365 Excel Connector invalid token


i have set up the office 365 connector and have the test app reading into an excel file. However I noticed that after a certain period of time, when i try to get items from my one drive via tulip player, I get this error message:

im able to fix this by just testing the connection and then saving it.
Then it will then work on the app for a certain time period.

anyone know the issue here? is it a Azure connection issue or something with Tulip i have done wrong?

thank you

Hi, @knowlec

Check Connector Configuration:

  • Ensure that your Office 365 connector in Tulip is configured correctly with the necessary credentials, permissions, and connection details.
  • Double-check that the connector is still active and has the required permissions to access your OneDrive.

Hi @knowlec, I’d check the details of the token configuration on MSFT’s side. I remember having this problem when I first build an Excel connector, and the issue was that the tokens were set to expire after 24 hours. I’ve seen this happen to a handful of other folks, too. Let me know if this is the issue and, if not, happy to troubleshoot some more.

Hi @John and @akshay

apologies I never closed this topic as i found the solution a little time after.
You are correct, the issue was with the token expiry, once that was changed the connector worked.