Mix line and bar charts when comparing variables

I am currently building a dashboard, displaying the average time a worker spends on every step of an app.

To further visualize where the worker is exceeding the takt time I want to display the average time the worker spends on each step in a bar chart format and the (constant) takt time as a horizontal line, across the chart.

Does anybody know, how this can be achieved? I am aware of the views-toggle in the edit menu however cannot find an option to only adjust the view of a single variable.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

Hello Mortiz, and welcome to Tulip Community!!

Bar charts and line charts cannot be currently mixed in Analytics (aside from Pareto charts, but it doesn’t sound that is what you’re after).

The information however could be displayed by selecting Analysis type: Compare Variables > Average Step Times. This will produce a result similar to:

The Target cycle time (defined in the Step tab) is displayed in red line, and the aggregated average step times are displayed in the blue dots.

Would this work for your use case??

Finally, if you’d like to join - we’ll be hosting Office Hours (https://community.tulip.co/t/tulip-office-hours-10-15/791) today during which we can take a look at this!! Let me know if you’re interested and I can add you to the invite.