More contrastful color on base layout button

After the new base layout changed name, it seems to also have changed color. I find the color very vague to a point where I often don’t notice that I’m on my base layout until it’s “too late” and I have been editing the base layout believing it to be my step. It would be very useful if the base layout was a strong color so to not miss what you’re working on.

Hi @matie.bach thanks for posting!

Adjusting screen contrast might help. I have an external monitor and that did improve it. My laptop screen looked good as is.

Either way tho, it may be too subtle so we will take a look and consider changing it.

Hi Pete
Thanks for your reply. I tried a different monitor and that helped a lot - I still have to squeeze my eyes together a bit and look quite thoroughly on the button as opposed to if it was a contrast color, I almost wouldn’t have to look directly (aka save a bit of time). I’m aware this is a very “nice to have” feature, but if you do discuss colors some time, you can put my suggestion in the pile :wink:
Again: thanks for getting back to me!