New Table-API-Endpoint: "Create or Update Record"

Hello @tulip team and community,

in addition to the existing options in the Node-Red Node “Tulip tables” and Table-API endpoints “Create Table Record” (POST) and “Update Table Record” (PUT), it would be very useful to have another option/Table-API endpoint as a combination of these two.
This should then function as a “Create or Update Record” and would streamline many node red flows and self-written scripts.
At the moment it is unnecessarily complicated and unnecessarily many API calls to first check with GET whether a record already exists and then execute either a POST or PUT. There are many workarounds here, but they always mean extra work.

As an application example:

An ERP system sends the order data to Tulip as soon as the order is released and again each time something has changed in the order data.
In this case, it would be much simpler to always call the same table API endpoint and this would then automatically differentiate whether a new ID is created or whether the fields of an existing ID are overwritten with the transmitted data.

Kind regards
Jeremy Nicholls

Hey Jeremy, thanks for the feedback. This is a topic we already have on the radar and are looking into. Like with all changes to the API we want to make sure this is added in a meaningful way from an overall API architecture perspective and aligns with current and future capabilities. As there are a few dependencies here, I can’t give you a date for a potential change in this area yet. But your feedback is surely received and I have linked it to the respective work.

Best and have a great weekend,


All right, thank you Stefan!