Tulip table node in Node-Red - Update Record

I’m having a difficult time getting the Tulip table node to update a record. I have verified that the value I’m putting into the recordId field matches an existing id in the table, but I continue to receive Error: Response status code 404:{“errorCode”:“NoSuchTulipTableRecord”,“details”:“There is no record with that ID”}. I have no issue with creating a new record, but this one has me stumped.

Hello @dee.brann ,
Could you let us know what table and record it is that you are trying to update and using which app?

Thank you,

Het, thanks for the quick response. I am not using a Tulip app. Instead, in this case, I’m using Node-red Tulip table node. This table is HERMeS Work Tracking. I have a record with ID, (1003728456_1629132603_2045 - Femoral Oven).

Het, I was finally able to get the record to update. I simply typed the table record into the RecordId filed in the node. I just need to find why I can’t get the record to update using a payload.

I was able to figure out my issue. Thanks for the support.

Hi @dee.brann!

Were you able to resolve with using query parameters?

No. I just figured out that I need to write the ID to a payload called msg.recordId and that was the ticket.

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Perfect, thanks for sharing!