Tulip-Tables Node - Update a record

I’m playing around with the Edge IO and node-red (which I am fairly new to) and attempting to integrate a Mettler Toledo balance and store the output into a table record.

Below is my node-red flow, the Serial In node is receiving the string output, then the format node is converting this string to a number value, which you can see from the debug window is working successfully.

Now I’m having trouble updating a record with this value, the error is with the request body, how do I send the msg from the format node to my specified table field “eysew_scale_value”?

Thanks in advance, any support would be appreciated!

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Hey @Aiden.M -

The Request body section of the tables update node doesn’t support dynamically populating contents from the payload (this is just a limitation of node-red).

The request body will be pulled from the msg.body attribute if it is left blank, so you can use a function or template node to build your request body:

Flow is attached if you want to see it-
flows (2).json (2.7 KB)


I’ve got it working now, thanks for the support @Pete_Hartnett!

Closing this as resolved. Make a new topic and link back to this one if you have further questions or comments.