Node-RED Tulip Nodes Improvement Suggestion

Hi Tulip team,

I was helping another member of my team troubleshoot an issue he was having with the update tulip table record node. After referencing the tulip api guide, I found his problem to be that his record ID contained characters (in this case the forward slash) that would need to be escaped with url encoding (in this case %2F). He was injecting the id dynamically as part of the msg which is why it worked for some records (that didn’t have escape characters) and not for others.

We made a function node before the Tulip node to do this for us, but I believe this would be a good feature to encode the record ID into the Tulip Table node so that it does it automatically instead of failing and not telling the user why in Node-RED. The error he was getting only told him that the endpoint didn’t exist, which makes sense if you read the API documentation.

I know that Javascript has native functions to help encode the ID. I think it would be an easy addition to the next version.

Hope you find this helpful feedback.


Alan Madorin

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Hey @Alan.Madorin -

Can you confirm the OS version of your edge device? The developers believe this behavior has been resolved.


I will ask Jacob who was doing the development since I don’t know which EMC he was using and get back to you.

@Pete_Hartnett Hi Pete, I wasnt using an Edge MC so it doesn’t show up in the Edge Devices list. I was running Node-Red using a Raspberry Pi with library Tulip nodes.

(Editing to add further information.)

I do see there is an update available. I am on 0.2.0…Should 0.3.0 fix this issue?


I updated the API Node and it fixed the issue.