New to Tulip. Changeable fonts?

Hi everyone,
We have been building out our first Tulip apps and I was wondering is there any way to change the fonts?

hello, welcome to the Tulip Community!! great to hear you’re starting to build out your first Apps.

we do not currently support different fonts in Tulip (although some parameters such as: size, bold, italics and color) can be changed. is there a specific font you need to use or would you like the ability to customize the look of the App??

if you’d like, you could post this as a feature request in that way someone from our Product team will get back to you!!

Thanks for your response. Our company has a specific font that is used and we will want to show off the Tulip integration to some of our customers so the brand team was wondering if we could use their font.

got it, thanks for the additional context!!

while it’s not the most ideal solution, you could always generate the text with a software solution that supports the specific font you need to use and import the formatted screenshots into your Apps. something along the lines of:

you can then add Triggers as you would to native Buttons (as you can see in the above screenshot, there is a Trigger to send an Email). would this work for you?? let us know!!