Notification system to inform users about app updates

Hello community,

I am maintaining and updating all my released apps frequently. The apps are used by many users / opearators across different comany divisions and it is hard to inform the app users about new app versions. I always do a complete writedown of the changes in the apps in the “Description of changes” while publishing each new version. It would be great to have the option here to send an automated email to all users of the appropriate app while publishing the new version to inform them about new features, quality of life improvements or technical changes in the app.


I support this.

Right now I’m using Teams to notify users about app updates.
In some cases is very important that all users update before using the app otherwise it might require some troubleshooting/babysitting from me.

Is there something planned to help handle app updates directly from Tulip?

@Alex, thanks for this post, and sorry we missed it the first time around. Thanks @mrios92 for bumping.

If i’m reading these correctly, these are two slightly different but equally important use-cases for alerting users when an app is published. I say this because I think there are two issues here: one is update management from Tulip, and one is the alerting you need to do because what you’re looking for isn’t handled well natively in Tulip.

For one, I want to tag my colleague @pete into this conversation: we have some new features in the pipeline that might help with this. I’m also going to run this past some of our other product teams because I think they’d be interested in seeing this perspective.

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Thanks, John. Looking forward to hear back from you.

Hi @mrios92 -
We have a feature in development now that will allow you to listen for events and send alerts automatically. An event for when an app is published is in the scope of what we are building and will likely be available towards the end of the summer.

How are you using Teams now? Do you manually send out updates or are you triggering this automatically somehow?

Hi @pete, I manually send the update.

It might get seen or ignored. It’s a large group of people.

@mrios92 thanks for the details.

We recently announced a new feature called automations that will be generally available in the fall. With that you will be able to able to customize a workflow to send notifications automatically. In this case, you would need the ‘when app is published’ event. This is not planned for the first release, but we hope to include it soon after.