Numeric Input Keypad

While using a touch screen monitor or tablet, is it possible to generate a numeric input keypad on clicking into an input box?

hello @txh3467, great question!! do you mind if I ask what devices/operating system you’re using??

if you include a Number Input on an app, the numeric input keypad should appear by default. this for example is a screenshot from my smartphone:

I’m using either a tablet or touch screen monitor!

@txh3467 OK, and you get the complete alphanumeric keypad when you use both Number Input and Text Input in an app??

Sorry for the delay! When I click into the input number field, I don’t get the keypad pop up.

no problem @txh3467!!

could you let us know what device and operating system you’re using??

We have validated that it works on iPhone and Android
Do you have a custom keyboard installed by any chance?