Samsung Tablet - Numeric Inputs

Quick question for the group, I have created and audit within the Tulip software and we have been running this on Windows based surface pros with no issues. The issue now is we cannot complete the audit on a Samsung tablet. The current hurdle is I have a numerical input widget within the app and i need to input a negative value to complete the audit. The problem is the Samsung tablet only displays the numerical number pad keyboard and there is not a negative symbol on the number pad and i cannot get the full keyboard option in this numerical field. Is this an issue that you have encountered in the past?

Good afternoon @michael.wood,

I am not aware of this issue specifically having created challenges for data input in the past. However, different operating system can limit the inputs that are permitted depending on the keyboard that is presented as you mention.

Is the number in the audit always negative? If so, storing the inverse (by multiplying by -1 using the expression editor) of the user input may be a good solution. Let us know if you need support implementing this solution!



Thanks for the suggestion, I believe i will continue to search through the Samsung tablet to see if i can disable the numeric keypad. If i am not able to disable the keypad then i will look at adding logic for people on Samsung tablets to use the expression editor and people on Windows devices to enter the data as found.

Good morning @michael.wood, numeric keyboard can be disabled by going to Settings > Language and Input > Samsung Keyboard > Disable Number Keys. Link:

While these are the instructions for Android 6.0.1, it should hopefully be similar for other versions of Android.

Let us know how it goes!

I have talked with Samsung support and it is not currently possible to disable the numeric dial pad keyboard on the Samsung Tab A 2019. They have created a ticket for the software development team to review this issue and hopefully can provide the “-” symbol for the dial pad keyboard option or the ability to disable the keypad. Thanks for the assistance with this obstacle and the workarounds that can be implemented in the interim until Samsung can provide a permanent solution. I will keep you in the loop of feedback provided from Samsung with this ticket.

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