Ongoing Comment Log

Storing this in Tulip tables to keep a log for review later. Here’s the logic behind the button:

What is nice about this is you can easily add this functionality into any app. Let me know if you are interested or have thoughts on other functions that could act in a similar way.


Is this just appending the comment to itself and storing?

@mellerbeck Yes, you can see in the trigger it is storing the new comment, adding a new line, and then keeping the existing content below.

This is a passive way to keep a comment history. A more useful log I think would be to store the comments to it’s own Comments Table and then easily filter the table to triage and update/escalate/assign them as needed

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@sackley Good idea and thanks for sharing!

Replicating and building on what you shared, I found success using a Text array; pushing new comment text onto the array and then making a variable widget display the entire array. Benefits are you get discrete text values if you want them, and you get bullet points automatically from the display of the array variable.