Comment Box In the Trigger Window

Just like you would with a block of code, it would be great to have a little text area where you could leave a comment within the trigger definition window explaining what is happening within a given trigger. Maybe right under the trigger name before the trigger condition.

Hey @kellen.linse, this is a great suggestion, and one that we’ve gotten a few times before going back to 2020. I’m going to share the other posts here to consolidate the requests and bump this up to the product teams:

My team also suggested adding a comment section for individual variables within the variable list inside the app tab as well.

I think once you start having larger apps with multiple people working on them the ability to leave comments becomes more of a need than a want, and it’s probably a relatively easy win in the scheme of things.

Thanks, and looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with. :+1:

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@DWERN, sharing your recent post here to consolidate this ask.

@kellen.linse, I’ve shared all of the linked threads with our product team and it’s something we’re acutely aware of. I don’t have a specific timeline, but I can tell you that when we refresh the UI for the trigger editor this is something we’re looking at. It’s likely something that you’ll see in newer parts of the platform first (automations), and will become general over time. Can share more as I have it.

Workaround for triggers albeit a little awkward: populate a dummy variable using an expression rather than a static field … expressions seem to grow in display size… static value assignments don’t.

But yes, please add this!

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@sebme, this is a really clever work around thanks for sharing. I’m torn between how much I like that it’s a quick and dirty way to create comments, and the fact that it comes at the cost of adding a bunch of cruft to apps.

I know our product teams are thinking about some fundamental changes to the trigger editor, and I’ll make sure this gets bumped up again so that we commenting is a native part of the experience.

Until recently I tried to stay away of this workaround because of the reasons you mentioned. But then again it seems like the only sensible way to add comments and keep both trigger logic and comments in sync.