Dynamic Comments

Hi guys,
Is it possible to have (or to create) a dynamic comments space with Tulip like slack for example. What i mean is that the operator can write comments on every step if he wants and we can be able to save and update this comment space with the old and new comment and with the name of the user that did write it. So, we can have a tracking of all comments on this step and the users that did write them.
NB : For the moment i am using a text input that i don’t erase so the user can add what he want on what was wrote and when pushing next i store this variable and the name of the final user in a table.

Hey Fahd!

Sounds like you’re looking for Step Comments, accessible from the App Menu:


If you want to instead embed these comments within an app or view them from another place, I think you’ve already got most of the solution figured out here with tables. I would make a table with columns like:

User Name
App Name (or maybe Station Name)
Step Name
Comment Body

All of your ‘submit comment’ operations, from any app in your instance, can write to this table.

Now, if you want a historical record of all the comments placed about a specific app, by a user, etc are just filtered views of the same table.
If you add a ‘Status’ column, you could even have a “Submitted/Open/Closed” property that you could include in your filter to ignore comments that have been addressed or similar.

Embed this table in your app, filtering the Step Name column on the name of the running step in question and you can see all your user comments in-context.
Hope this helps!