Alert option for new Step Comments

Would be nice to have the option to send out SMS/email when Step Comment(s) are added by users. The only way I know to check them currently is to go into the app in the Editor and look through each step to see if there are new comments. The initial comments are no problem but once the comment count is greater than 0 it becomes difficult to know which comments have been addressed. This becomes more tedious when the Steps are arranged in Step Groups.

We currently use the Step Comment as a way for users on the production floor to make suggestions or note errors in the app. It has proven useful but is a very manual process for the app creators to manage and often leads to a delayed response.

Good morning @gio is this on your guy’s radar? We are also wanting to receive a notification when there are new step comments to review and where to look.

Hey @ashchav20,

Not sure how this one slipped through the cracks. Alerting is something we are doing a lot of work on right now. Initially step comments aren’t within scope for that work, but the mechanisms we are building should quite easily enable this functionality. Alerting is something that is tricky to get right (see the Slack alert flowchart) so there is a lot of legwork going on right now to make sure we enable the flexibility to make alerting configurable to fit your needs.

This first alerting functionality should be rolling out this summer, and I will add a ticket around alerting for step comments so it is on the teams radar.

Thanks for bumping this one! Got lost in the noise.

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Thanks @Pete_Hartnett ! We appreciate it.