Operator Hourly Work Logging Terminal + Dashboard

This summary will tell you how to build a simple production tracker app in 30 minutes. It allows an operator in charge of quality control to log good and bad parts and compare to an hourly goal.

Here’s a preview from the App Builder:

Number of Variables To Change: 1 variable

When To Use: It is meant for high-volume, discrete production environments and was originally built for a QC/inspection station at the end of a production line.

Summary: This app allows any operator to log the number of “good” and “bad” parts they have completed. There is only one important variable in the app, and everything else is generalizable or usable out of the box.

The important variable is “fake_expected_parts”, and it defaults to 100 parts as a fake number for the number of parts that the operator should complete per hour. You should find every instance of this variable and substitute a real variable that has the number of expected parts. This is because you need to give an accurate estimate for how many parts the operator should have completed this hour, and we want to make sure it reflects breaks etc.

Video Explainer: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BbHI3_dh6c8T7H1InYSiJR2PuPnSv5Ny/view?usp=sharing (7 minutes)

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