Organize records in table widget

I am using a table widget to display some data coming from an API get call (as shown). There is some hierarchy to the data, where multiple records fall under one “cell”. I would like to provide some way to organize these by cell – perhaps with a roll-up view (i.e. dropdowns for each cell which then display contents under it). I’m not sure if this or something like this would be possible in Tulip?

Thanks in advance!

hello @aparnaalavilli,

this is great, thanks for posting!! there are several ways I can think of to achieve what you’re describing. here are a couple:

  1. add a button below the dropdown to perform the API call again, and add a filter for the Cell that was just selected in the dropdown.
  2. create several steps (1 for each Cell) and have the filtered API call perform for the Step the user is on run when the Step is opened.

let me know your thoughts on these!!

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