How to repeat a widget multiple times dynamically?

I have some data in table. I want to have buttons in each row to move the entries up or down. Refer this gif of what I am trying to do. How can I do that? Number of rows in the table is not fixed and comes from a Tulip Table.
Image for reference in case the link goes down in future

Hi Arpit! Thanks for posting a great question. I’d like to offer up a suggestion I hope you find helpful.

One possible solution could be to have just one “Move Up” and one “Move Down” buttons on the page, and allow the user to select a particular row, and move it up or down on the table. This could be accomplished using a column for an “index” or “sequence” number, and two record placeholders. In essence, the buttons would load the adjacent record above or below, and update the index number of each record. To the user, it would appear that the records move up or down as you describe.

Rather than explain it detail here, I’d encourage you take a look the Dynamic Work Instructions - Work Instruction Builder app on our library. If you navigate to the “Reorder Task” step, you will see this exact solution in action!