How to copy the same data in tulip interactive table?


I have a question regarding the use of interactive table. Below is the example of how I want it to be done.

So basically, my serial number and model will have different name but let’s say my customer column has the same name and I don’t want to key in manually for all the row. If I have 1000 list it will be a lot of manual click need to do. Is it possible to fill the whole list with 1 click?

Let’s say, the very first item (eg Serial number 1) I will key in customer name for it but subsequent list (eg 2 to 100) I want it to be fill without having to click 99 times.


Hey @MTT -

Check out this Library Plugin widget:

If you add this to your instance, it comes with an app showing basically exactly this, looping through a bunch of records updating their values.


Hey @Pete_Hartnett,

I saw this looper widget few days ago. But, I was thinking of any other possible way to do that apart from looper. But I managed to do with this looper method after some changes on my side.


Hey @MTT -

There is some work going on to make it easier to natively do these sort of bulk edits in apps.

Glad you were able to get the looper widget implemented!