Outbound Message to MQTT Broker

I see in the Tulip documentation how to connect to an MQTT Broker and receive messages. But I do not see how to use tulip to produce an outbound message back the broker for use cases where we need it to send message to the device. Possible? If so how?

Hey @donnie.kerr!

Welcome to community! Writing to MQTT topics is actually something we are doing a ton of digging into right now. Would you be interesting in meeting and we can share some more details on how we are thinking about this? would love your feedback.


Thank you for your response Peter. Sure, would love to meet to find out what you are thinking. I am working on integrating Tulip bi-directionally with Litmus Edge. For now, I did find that you have an HTTP Connector. Correct me if I am wrong, but I am thinking I could use that and run an MQTT Client to publish the outbound messages from Tulip Cloud to the MQTT Broker to Litmus Edge. Look forward to talking to you.

Awesome! Sent you an email. This is the vision behind our MQTT support. Make our internal event bus something you can easily tap into transact with freely!

Looking forward to our chat!