MQTT as a Machine Data Source

Hey All-

I am excited today to announce that Tulip is actively rolling out support for MQTT as a Machine Data Source. This functionality will be rolling out to all customers over the next few releases, and will be available in LTS11.

Connect directly to your broker, ingest topics, extract values from complex payloads and more! Here is a quick demo video I threw together showing off the functionality -

Knowledge Base documentation for this new MQTT functionality is available here:

Let us know what you think! Your feedback directly drove the development of MQTT!


Great job for a first release!

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This is fantastic news! Is it OK to assume that for those customers using OPCH, we should upgrade to LTS11 image?

Is there an expected version of the platform release within which this feature can start showing up?

Hey @AnibalV

You are correct, if using OPCH, you will need to use the LTS11 image, which should be released in Mid-October.

We rolled out MQTT to a small subset of the customer base (a combination of tons of internal instances, trials, and a few select customers who were interested in playing with it) in r261, but in r262 we will roll this out to all other (non-LTS) customers. So far, we are yet to run into any show-stopping bugs, but that would be the key thing that could push back this date by a release or two.

If you are interested in testing in r261 and don’t yet have access shoot me an email at pete(dot)hartnett(at) and I can enable this flag for you.


Hi @Pete_Hartnett , we are running on release r262 (Europe datacenter) but I cannot see the option for MQTT when setting up a new data source.
Only OPC UA is available.

Neither the On Prem Connector host is available, which will be needed for our use case.

When can we expect to get MQTT as a Machine Data Source implemented?

Hey @oviland -

MQTT Initially was just enabled for a subset of customers, but with r263 (scheduled to go out early next week) this will be enabled for all customers. If you would like, I can enabled it now on your instance.


Hello, is there an ETA on the LTS11 release? It does not look like it has hit “prime time” yet.

It does not show on the list of LTS releases page:

Also, when I try pulling it down with docker command, it does not find the image in the Container Repo.

Hey @AnibalV -

If all concludes well, LTS11 should be available later this week. Your pull is failing for the same reason, we just haven’t yet released the lts11 tagged version of OPCH.

Thanks for your patience-

Much appreciated the quick response. Will keep monitoring the announcement page for LTS releases. Thanks!

Finally! I was able to carve some time and take this for a spin…

It works great!

Thank you!

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Hi, @Pete_Hartnett
Is there something that needs to get enabled to get “On Prem Connector host” or is it not implemented yet?

Hey @oviland -

Yes! MQTT support is available on any OPCH for LTS11 or later. This is also available on edge device connector host for versions OS56 and later.


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Thank you.
Does that mean it is only available for LTS instances?

Yes - We only release the OPCH for each LTS release, but MQTT has been available since r263 for standard release (just would need to use cloud connector host).