Parsing SOAP API Response for Key-Value pairs - Need advice

Hi all!

I am setting up some connector functions for a SOAP API and trying to figure out the best way to pull outputs for an array of properties that I don’t know how many items there will be each time.

Response sample is below. When I get to the properties/UnitProperty section, this is where I don’t know how to best handle it. The number of values and each property name could be different for all types of units so I was thinking it would be great to return an array of key-value pairs or at least an array of strings that look like the pairs.

Using the XPath tester at this link ( I’m able to get myself a set of strings representing the pairs using //UnitProperty/concat(propertyName/text(),’: ',propertyValue/text())

However, putting this in a corresponding Tulip output extractor field and testing the function generates an error: Function test failed: XPath parse error.

Anyone know how to properly structure the XPath to capture this list of strings? Or, do you have a suggestion for a better approach, overall?


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