Player: Disable looking for updates automatically

Hi all,
where can I disable the function for looking for new updates in the player setup?

I need to disable this because we’re using the player in our citrix environment with server profiles, where the player can not install an update by itself. That must be triggered by our server IT.

Regards Chris

Hi Chris - You can do using the console on the player, I got the following via support with an issue I raised:

  • Open you current version of player and open the browser dev tools (Developer menu → Toggle Developer Tools (Browser)).
  • Then switch to the console tab and run tulipDevTools.setDisableAutoUpdate(true) in the console
  • Then close player

It may be a little hardcore depending on player count, but that is a way…


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Thanks Mark,
I will talk with our IT if this is possible for our server hosted profiles, where I haven’t direct access at the player settings.

Regards Chris

Hi @ChrisF,

Please take a look at How to Disable Automatic Updates for the Tulip Player

The method mentioned by @MarkStuttard would still work but is not our recommended approach any more.