Player for smart watches

Is there any open discussion on the ability to run apps on Smart Watches? There’s the obvious limitation with screen size, however we have a use-case that would require the user to be mostly hands-free and we explored the RealWear headset as an option but it seems it a bit overkill for what we need, which is just a simple instruction and confirmation on each step.

Have you try ProGlove Mark Display? We can send from Tulip just need information for worker and send some commands Tulip Interfaces on LinkedIn: ProGlove on Tulip at IMTS

Hey @Aiden.M -

Funny enough, this came up in conversation recently. We are actively doing some development within the app ecosystem. I wrote up a request for this one so we can spend the time to better understand the engineering lift to make this possible.

Stuff like data entry and player authentication would be pretty painful on a tiny screen, so in supporting this, we would probably need to adjust how played devices are managed.