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I’m looking into the use of RealWear headsets to run apps hands free. I’ve seen Tulip’s YouTube video demoing this and the design guide in the library and it looks easy enough to set up, but how practical are they? Any experience or case studies would be greatly appreciated.

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Would love to see some customers chime in here too, but I can share my experience using RealWear recently for the first time. Tulip just opened our new headquarters and part of that space is a gigantic demo space where we have 12+ real Tulip demos. One of these demos is around a usecase where a glovebox is being used to mix a compound. Being able to walk through a process while staying hands in was something RealWear did quite well. There is video of this demo is available here.

I found navigation with the RealWear headset a little clunky initially, but like anything, you pick it up quickly. The voice detection was quite reliable, so I didn’t find myself erroneously triggering often. Stuff like data entry can be a little tricky, but walking through a process was incredibly intuitive.

Building apps for a RealWear experience is a little different than for normal screens because the screen is quite a bit smaller than a normal screen, so buttons and menus need to be a little larger, and the steps need to be a little simpler.

In short, I probably wouldn’t use RealWear in a case where users can easily directly interact with a screen, but for cases where that isnt possible, RealWear did a great job.

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The voice commands worked very well in a noisy, crowded environment. I did a demo for a maintenance cleaning operation and liked it a lot. I would say the headset hardware, processing, display, etc have fully arrived as a technology at this point.

I’d prototype a few quick apps imagining that you’re viewing Tulip player in a headset. Designing to headset+voice will have a bigger user experience impact than the headset itself.

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Is French speaking is supported?

Hi Youri, yes it says in the product spec that French is supported, here is the link: Rugged Tablets & Industrial Hands Free Wearable Devices | RealWear

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