HoloLens Integration

I noticed that Tulip were at Hannover Messe with a HoloLens demo. I have a customer interested in using HoloLens with Tulip, can you provide some details please.

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Hey @nweft01 -

Here is one of the demos from the Tulip Experience Center that talks through integrating Tulip into a HoloLens Workflow

Does this give you a little more clarity on what this can look like?

Hi Pete, Thanks for the video. Are there some support notes or instructions about how to set up and configure and app with HoloLens?

Hey @nweft01-

Super straightforward to setup. Tulip apps can be run directly within a browser, so in this case we are just using the hololens browser and navigating to [your instance].tulip.co/player. From there you will name the device, assign its station and you’re off to the races.


Hi Pete, that sounds great. We’ll give it a go!