Fusion 360 Connector

Who’s using Fusion 360 + Tulip? Is there a Fusion 360 connector? I have seen it used in some apps and would love to understand ways we could make them work together.

Check this video out-


Why Windchill is not so easy!!! :frowning: Quick question is your demo works in the Tulip player too?

Thanks Pete! Thats is very cool

Hey @youri.regnaud -

For the most part yes! Some of their Web Player is a bit of a pain with touch (as opposed to keyboard and mouse).


Trying this out on the shop floor, we don’t have an embed option for a webpage? Is that feature still available?

Hey @adamg (any anyone that finds this in the future)

The Webpage widget is behind a feature flag (because it only supports iframable websites, which is fairly uncommon). I just turned that flag on so you should be able to see it now.


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