Please bring back possibility to delete apps


Recently Tulip introduced Archiving App feature. Which is great!
But it came at the cost of not being able to delete apps.

Is it possible to have both options?


Hi @HCEH, thanks for the suggestion! Can you say more about when you’d want to delete apps vs. archive?

Thanks John!

It could be useful when doing PoC on some apps or ideas. Or just for testing purposes where deleting the app afterwards would make more sense than archiving.
It is also because of the way that we use versioning. It is a long story, but in essence for each major improvement/upgrade of an app we create a new app (with unique app ID). That will over time leave us with enormous archive of apps. Today we “manually” archive them into another folder which gives a far better overview and access control than native archive solution that Tulip introduced recently.
I hope my answer makes sense :).


And while I have you here John… :slight_smile:

How do the permissions work with Archive features? Is it true that the article about permissions hasn’t been updated to reflect this change?
Adding Users and Managing User Roles (



Hey @HCEH -

I can add a little more perspective over why we are doing more archiving and less hard deleting. We do everything we can to ensure that a published app version will never change its behavior after publication, but apps often reference other dependencies like table fields, other apps, machines and more. If we hard deleted these assets they were referencing, we would break those applications (that may be running in production). Archiving means we can continue to point to those assets (because they still exist, they are just effectively hidden) and users don’t need to go through the process of migrating every app using a table when a table field is removed.

The recent improvements to the apps page just made these achieved apps something that is easier to get to, they haven’t been truly hard deleted for years. Previously showing achieved apps was just behind a 3-dot menu at the top of the apps page.


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Thanks @Pete_Hartnett for that clarification.

I personally find it risky to have situations where another app is referencing to an archived app. I understand the point if it were tables, but there is a meaning behind archiving an app - meaning being it is not used anymore and therefore should not be accessible to the users.
Anyways, in our case we are not referencing from app to another app, so it is not relevant for us.
I think that the Archiving feature is great but I am just missing an option to delete as well. So both options would be ideal.

But nice discussion and some good points.


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Yeah I would agree, I would like the option to delete applications especially when we have created a ton of sandbox applications we were just using to learn that we do not need anymore. I would like to hard delete them to make sure they are gone for good.

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@Shrmnatr - totally understand, if you vote for this product suggestion, that helps us set priority for what the product team works on!