Please reconsider making at least some SQL functionality available for Tulip's native tables

Hi @AquaMaofian, @jasonh, @mpreiksaitis, and @sebme -

Thank you all for your input and discussion on this! I was talking with @stefan about this, and the current priority is working on improving the query experience for folks who do not know SQL. I know this does not help you currently, as you are looking for this more advanced capability, but the team is aware of the need and will be working on it at a later time.

That being said, Universal Template for analyses (currently in beta) will be officially released soon. This allows you to switch between visualization types by decoupling query and visualization of the data. The Universal Template also supports all analysis types and Tulip data sources (Completions, Table data, and Machine data). This is a big step in the work I mentioned above in improving query experience for all users.

Please keep this discussion rolling with any additional information or feedback you have for Stefan and team, as we know this product request is important to you!