Possible to Filter by Contains "X" or "Y"?

Is it possible to filter a table based on a field containing any of multiple values?

I.E. I want to be able to pick only from devices with calibration status of “NEW” or “PASSED” but not any other status.

Hi @jmlowden - if you’re using the interactive table widget, you can use the 'filter function to add in some filters there… you could use ‘is in’ or ‘is not in’ to filter down that list accordingly. The function is available in your right hand pane as you select your interactive table

If you want to do at table level, you could use a query - configure this against your table, option is on he menu at the top of the page to create a query, then you can setup with logic in the same way:

Then you would have to link that query within your app, on the table record tab - it’ll limit the data being sent through according to your query.

I’ve found it’s easier/simpler just to use the filter function against interactive tables for this sort of need, means you can control everything in the app without needng to setup distinct queries.

Hope this helps!


For clarity - your filter would look like this:

(you could then add more as needed)


Thanks - the syntax there always feels backwards to me.

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