Printing Serial Number Label

Im creating an App that is work instructions on the assembly of a component. At the end of the assembly we would like to create a small label (1"x2") with a serial number as a barcode and human readable text.
My Questions

  1. How to print the label? The Step resolution doesn’t go small enough To make a Small Label.

  2. For a serial number we would like to use the Julian date (ie Today’s date is 24-May- 2021 (UTC). Today’s Julian Date is 21144) followed by the sequential number. So part 001 made today would be 21144001.

  3. Is it possible to create the Barcode without a Zebra Printer?

hello @RMDecker, thanks for posting!! here are some answers to your questions:

  1. you can only contain the information you’d like to print in the top left corner of your App, and then select the custom label size when your Operating System’s screen appears. here’s a quick demo:

    (note the 2 in x 2 in Paper Size):

    resulting label:
    Tulip Player.pdf (12.2 KB)
  2. do you already have your date converted to the Julian calendar?? if you do have it converted, you can concatenate two strings with an Expression:
  3. once you’ve generated your Barcode, you can display it in an App as such:

would this work for you?? let us know!!