Properties / Options for custom widgets

I am creating custom widgets where I would like normal app creators to define their settings in the property panel. Examples: I am creating a custom Text Box with input validation and would like the user to set font type, font-size and other properties that I would fill from the custom widget. It does not have to be exactly like the inbuilt widgets for now but a way to populate dropdowns that the user can select in the property panel would be enough.

So you want an enum/enumeration datatype as input.
A preset list of valid values (you can define in the properties) where the App builder has to choose from (e.g. dropdown).

I Like that Idea, because I also had to use some clumsy workarounds (e.g. using bools for “bolt yes/no”).

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Hi @jas,

Thanks for the request! I don’t believe the team is going to focus on this work in the near future but I wanted to share what we have in store relevant to the custom widget that you made.

We are planning to release improvements for input widget data validation. This will reduce the trigger logic that is required to validate input and simplify the way you add validation to an input. This sounds like a potential solution to your request since you’ll be able to customize the styling of the widget along with an improved experience of adding validation. Does this sound like it would resolve the current constraints you’re hitting with the custom widget?

Feel free to share more about your use case if you want to clarify.

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