Quick and dirty temperature probe integration

Has anyone integrated a temperature probe with Tulip? The use case is viewing the temperature of a solution and record temperature and time using a button, just like the Phidgets room temperature/humidity sensor works. I would like to use an ~8" (~20 cm) Type K Thermocouple.

I was going to get the supported Omron temperature logger, even though that seems like overkill. But, their website states they’re out of stock.

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I’m also curious to see thermometers people have integrated with. have you taken a look at the other devices listed on our site: Tulip Supported Devices??

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I did look at the Tulip Supported devices. It seems like the Omega HH806 is my best bet (It appears I stated ‘Omron’ in my initial post by mistake). But, they are out of stock regardless of who they are.

I see that Phidgets will support an assortment of probes from their website, but that would require a thermocouple Phidget that isn’t supported by Tulip as far as I know.

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that’s correct, that thermocouple is not natively supported by Tulip unfortunately.

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