Read out text string by Speech Synthesis on a custom widget

Hello Everyone,

I created a very simple custom widget that can read out text string by Speech Synthesis which can be used in Tulip Player(my version is 2.2.0).

I thought someone had already posted like this in this community but I could not find any article about reading out text string. When a text string is stored in a variable, this widget start reading it out. We can set a language such as “en-US”, “ja-JP”.

This widget is for someone who wants to use voice direction without having to look at a screen for part of the operation. This is really simple. It doesn’t need a connector like text-to-speech. I hope this helps.

customWidget-Speak out.json (2.8 KB)

Kind Regards,
Akira Takahashi


This is awesome @Akira, thanks for sharing! I can see a lot of places where this would be super useful.

@John Thanks. I tried to choose text-to-speech API such as Google’s or Azure’s but Tulip Player doesn’t have a trigger to read out. If Tulip supports a trigger which can play mp3 or wav file from local and API, That will be perfect, I guess.