Release 259 Discussion Thread - August 2023

Hi Everyone!

Release 259 introduces a new AI-powered tool for multilingual app support, enhancements to the Universal Template and Layers in Analytics, updates to Tulip Vision, and more.

View the Full 259 Release Notes Here

Let us know your thoughts and questions below!


How does the language selection work from the point of the end user? Is it possible to select languages from within the application?

@kellen.linse Yep! Operators can choose their preferred language from the Player menu, using the dropdown in the top right corner (or from their user profile in the browser), which has the additional benefit of ensuring the full Player interface (list of apps, Begin button, etc) is available in their language. Administrators with access to the Users page can also set preferred languages via that profile page if necessary.

If an app is available in that operator’s preferred language, it’ll automatically be shown in the language of their choice. If not, it’ll fall back to the original default language assigned in the app settings.