Language Options

We’ve had a few operators request Thai/Lao as a language preference from Tulip. After looking at the available preferences, it seems that Thai/Lao is not an option. What is the possibility of having this language added?

Hey Nicolette!

Thanks for this feedback. We’ve heard this from a couple of different sources as we expand throughout APAC, so you’re not alone.

This is currently under discussion internally about our best way forward - as this is a product-wide feature there’s some dependencies that are a bit more tricky than first glance would imply. Regardless, it’s something I’m pushing for as I’m over here myself :wink:

Two things:

  1. This is great feedback, and I’m going to log this with the team as we actively prioritize the next steps.

  2. As a side note, I know that it isn’t automatic-translation, but if you already have a Thai speaker available, I have seen other users simply delegate an otherwise-unused language to be their “Thai” alternate

for example, if you knew you weren’t going to use Dutch you could select Dutch in the App editor, type in your Thai, and then communicate internally that any Thai speakers should set their language to “Dutch” to be able to access the different version of text.

Anyway, hopefully I can loop back here soon with more updates. Keep them coming!