Remote app restart

It would be great if running apps had a remote restart option. Consider a scenario where line leaders lack direct access to an application unless they’re physically present with it. In such cases, I’d like to suggest the inclusion of a feature allowing manufacturing site line leaders to remotely restart the desired app with the push of a button from other app. This feature would greatly enhance efficiency and app management in industrial environments.

Hi @emendoza, I see two ways for how this can be achieved already today:

  1. Table + Timer Trigger: Create a table record for the relevant stations that you monitor via a timer trigger. The line leader could then in their app set a parameter, e.g. a boolean field called “Restart” to “yes”. The next time the timer fires, the station would see this, set it to “no” and then restart the app.

  2. Machine triggers: Another option is using machine triggers. Create a machine that has a “restart” attribute. You could then build a button into the line leader’s app that uses a connector function to report a restart command to that “machine” via the attributes API endpoint. Each station App that you want to be able to restart could have a base layout machine trigger that restarts when this attribute is reported.

Another option, though not from an App, is always to restart Apps from the stations page by selecting / unselecting the currently running app for stations that are online.

One additional note: As each of these would interrupt the work that an operator might be doing at the station at the time the restart is initiated I recommend treating this carefully :slight_smile:


HI @stefan it is possible you can give me more details about how to create the 2nd option? For machine triggers.


@Richard-SNN Hello, is this someting you can assist? @matt.dumouchel gave me your contact.