Scheduled app publish

It would be great to have the ability to schedule a version release for an app. This way we could schedule Publishing a new version during the overnight hours while no production is happening or during one of our IT update weekends.

Hey @jjj -

A new request, but a super logical one! I wrote this up!


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Hey @jjj I implemented something similar, but maybe more work than you’re looking for or not applicable for your application. Our apps run all the time without ever completing. On each of my app steps I have an On Step Enter trigger and a 30 second timed trigger that checks the day of the week and how long the app has been running and force-restarts if the conditions are met. In this way I basically push out updates every week on Monday morning.

That’s a good idea! Currently we do use the app’s completion data so sadly this wouldn’t work for us :frowning:

@jjj Actually your can do this in another way.
if your team have someone know RPA or any other tools of controlling the web browser,you can use this method· before tulip have its own scheduled function