Search function on Table analytics Glitch

Has anyone else noticed that when you have an analysis displaying columns of a Tulip table (e.g. in a dashboard) , the search function is really glitchy? Sometimes it works fine, other times it doesn’t bring up any results.

Also, is it possible for Tulip to change the way it displays blank values, at the moment is says “Null” but it would be much cleaner and easier to read if the value just displayed as a blank.


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Update on this @Het

When a table analysis is open and the table is updated in the background (by a user) the search function will not work until you refresh the page (not just refresh the table)

This is problematic when you have 1 table being updated every few seconds by users, as you have to keep refreshing.

Thought I would let you know the findings so if anyone else has this problem they know what it is.

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Hello @Nolsie,
Thanks for bringing this up!
We have an active engineering investigation for this issue! I will provide more updates here!