Table function in analytics shows pictures only on the first page

I used an analytics table feature to have an easily searchable table that takes data from Tulip Table. However, I have found a problem with this possibility. We have recorded pictures in our Tulip Table, but the analytics can show pictures only on the first 50 entries (the first page) in Analytics view.

Tulip Table has pictures stored in a picture field, but after the 50th entry, they are not visible.

How can I see all pictures in an analytics table view?

hello @Andres,

have you tried incrementing the Show x entries setting in the Analytic (you can change this to 100)??

additionally, would adding a Sorting to the Table Analysis help here??

let us know if this is helpful for you

Tried showing 100 entries and sorting as well. It doesn’t solve the issue.

I also tried to load 10 entries to test if it is a bandwidth issue, but the problem is the same. After the 50th entry, I could not see the pictures. Analytics don’t say the picture placeholder is null, but it shows it as an empty field.