Analysis Sorting for Slideshow

I have a suggestion.

I’ve created a dashboard that shows a table and slideshows of images. The slideshow sorts from oldest to newest without an option to sort from newest to oldest or any other sorting methods. I see that filtering is already an option, so it would be helpful to have sorting as an option too!

Hi @lucy.fahler welcome, and thanks for the suggestion. Depending on how you’re storing your images, this might be possible with Table Queries. Are you storing your images in a Tulip table?

Yes, I’m storing them in a Tulip Table!

@John Would you be able to walk me through how I would use the Queries to do this?

@lucy.fahler, no problem—let me try to think through how this would be possible without restructuring your table, and without a huge amount of work arounds. You might be right that the appropriate format for this is a product suggestion, but I like thinking through these problems :slight_smile:.

In the meantime, have you seen this library app? Also, I don’t want to send you on a rabbit hole but, depending on the structure of your table, you might look into the technique outline here.

Stay tuned, I’ll check back soon.

@lucy.fahler, here’s how you would do it with table queries—please let me know if this helps or if I missed something!

Hi @John,
I am looking at the Tulip dashboard functionality, not the utilization we can have in tables in a Tulip app. I’ve attached a video that hopefully conveys what I’m talking about!

Thanks for this @lucy.fahler, sorry for the misunderstanding! I’m tagging in @stefan who leads our analytics development for visibility.

@lucy.fahler Thanks a lot for the feedback. And sorry for the delayed response here.

Currently it is not possible to change the sorting of the slideshow. I’ll log your request as a product suggestion in our system so it will be considered when scoping changes to our analytics capabilities.

Hey @lucy.fahler, good news: this is now possible with the Universal Template (which is currently in Beta).

Here are the steps:

  1. Create an analysis using the Universal Template
  2. Add two “Operations” - your images and the datetime field you want to use for sorting
  3. Add a sorting for the datetime field in the “Limit and sorting” section
  4. Change the visualization type to “Slidehow”

You can also click on “Show query result” on the bottom to see the sequence the images will be shown in.

Would be great if you could quickly let us know if this works.

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Hi Stefan,

Thank you so much for getting back to me on this- much appreciated!

I don’t think I’m able to test this out on my company’s version of Tulip, I don’t see the universal template… Might be because I’m in a very regulated industry. Apologies that I can’t test this out, but again, really appreciate you taking into account product suggestions and working to continuously improve Tulip!

Hey @lucy.fahler, that sounds like you are on an LTS release.
In that case unfortunately you will only be able to use this with LTS12.

If you want, we can jump on a quick call in the coming days and I can show it to you. Would be great to hear if what we can do know can solve your use case :slight_smile:

If you are interested, just send me a mail to stefan(at)