Analysis Sorting for Slideshow

I have a suggestion.

I’ve created a dashboard that shows a table and slideshows of images. The slideshow sorts from oldest to newest without an option to sort from newest to oldest or any other sorting methods. I see that filtering is already an option, so it would be helpful to have sorting as an option too!

Hi @lucy.fahler welcome, and thanks for the suggestion. Depending on how you’re storing your images, this might be possible with Table Queries. Are you storing your images in a Tulip table?

Yes, I’m storing them in a Tulip Table!

@John Would you be able to walk me through how I would use the Queries to do this?

@lucy.fahler, no problem—let me try to think through how this would be possible without restructuring your table, and without a huge amount of work arounds. You might be right that the appropriate format for this is a product suggestion, but I like thinking through these problems :slight_smile:.

In the meantime, have you seen this library app? Also, I don’t want to send you on a rabbit hole but, depending on the structure of your table, you might look into the technique outline here.

Stay tuned, I’ll check back soon.

@lucy.fahler, here’s how you would do it with table queries—please let me know if this helps or if I missed something!

Hi @John,
I am looking at the Tulip dashboard functionality, not the utilization we can have in tables in a Tulip app. I’ve attached a video that hopefully conveys what I’m talking about!

Thanks for this @lucy.fahler, sorry for the misunderstanding! I’m tagging in @stefan who leads our analytics development for visibility.

@lucy.fahler Thanks a lot for the feedback. And sorry for the delayed response here.

Currently it is not possible to change the sorting of the slideshow. I’ll log your request as a product suggestion in our system so it will be considered when scoping changes to our analytics capabilities.