Selenium-like test-automation for Tulip apps?


I was just wondering if anybody already had the idea of automating Tulip app testing?
I spent some time digging for information about this topic, found some keywords like, cypress and spectron (which is already deprecated)…
So, if anybody has experience or even just an idea about this, that would be really appreciated.

Have a nice day!

Hi Kobe,

While we are currently working to improve the process by which customers can validate their apps, automated testing within the Tulip Platform itself is not something that is currently on the roadmap.

Having said that, here at Tulip, we use Cypress to ensure our User Interface is performing as expected. This does include the automated testing of certain apps (by opening the web version of the Tulip Player). I see no reason why our customers couldn’t take the same approach with their apps.

  • David

Hey David,

Thank you for the information. And yes the web version testing is something that I’ve already started trying out too, so I guess that is going to be the way to follow. Are there any known features that work differently in the web player?

Thanks again, you already helped a lot

Hey @kobe -

The only real difference you may see in the web player is slightly different external device support, but that shouldn’t impact your automated testing.